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Guide on how to use it.

1.-Click on Us if you are from the united states,if you are from Europe please click on ''other'' or it won't work.
2.-Click on any Card Value you want,If you are from europe you will get the equivalent in euros.
3.-Click Generate Code and your psn code should appear right away.
4.-You are Done!

I found myself in a place that I didn't want to spend a fortune on games,so I looked everywhere on the web to find something that could let me earn some free psn codes,spent days before finding a real and legit way to generate some codes so i could buy my gta 5 or any other kind of game.I know,you must think  ''this is BS or this ain't real,this Can't be real'' I though that too but anyways,I decided to give it a try,I mean,what could I lose?So I did.Here is the proof(used code):


Have you ever felt that you found something that nobody has? Once I entered the codes on the playstation site, that's exactly how I felt. I got chicken skin for some odd reason,I mean , you don't usually find these kind of stuff  with good comments saying that it worked.I downloaded it and to my impression,the comments were talking the truth.These free psn codes  were absolutely real and I was in shock.I took a look at the program's inside, it was incredible highly coded, the guy who coded it must be a genius!  $50 Psn code with a single button click? The word '' genius '' can't describe it.



*More than 896.000 codes.
*Fast and easy to use.
*You have between 3 options to use.
*You get your Psn codes instantly.
*Constantly updated codes.

System Requirements:

*Windows XP or above
*Any Mac iOS
*Any Linux
*30mb of space
*Any graphic card.

I haven't spend a dime in Playstation games since I found this site.


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